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4-Epimer of Tigecycline Hydrochloride
Catalogue No : DCTI-C-435
CAS number : 1422262-97-2
Mol. Formula : C29H40ClN5O8 (HCl Salt) C29H39N5O8 (Free Base)
Synonyms : 4-Epi Tigecycline hydrochloride
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API Name :Tigecycline
Name of Compound :4-Epimer of Tigecycline Hydrochloride
Category :Impurity
IUPAC Name :(4R,4aS,5aR,12aS)-9-(2-(tert-butylamino)acetamido)-4,7-bis(dimethylamino)-3,10,12,12a-tetrahydroxy-1,11-dioxo-1,4,4a,5,5a,6,11,12a-octahydrotetracene-2-carboxamide hydrochloride
Molecular Weight :622.12 (HCl Salt) 585.66 (Free Base)
Appearance :Pale yellow solid
Solubility :Methanol
Storage Condition :2-8 ⁰C, Protect from light
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